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CA Inter - Cost and Management Accounting

Instructor: Maniyar Commerce Classes

About the course


CA Inter - Cost and Management Accounting is a course that covers the concepts of cost accounting, management accounting, and financial management. It helps students in understanding the different methods of cost accounting, cost control, and analysis. The course also provides knowledge of performance evaluation and decision making in business organizations.

Key Highlights:

  • Covers various cost accounting techniques and their application in different industries.
  • Provides an in-depth understanding of budgetary control, standard costing, and variance analysis.
  • Includes case studies and practical examples for better understanding.
  • Prepares students for the CA Inter - Cost and Management Accounting exam.

What you will learn:

  • Cost Accounting:
    Concepts of cost classification, cost accounting systems, and cost behavior.
  • Budgetary Control:
    Principles of budgeting, preparation of various budgets, and evaluation of budgetary control reports.
  • Standard Costing and Variance Analysis:
    Calculation of standard cost and analysis of variances, use of standard costing and variance analysis for performance evaluation.
  • Management Accounting:
    Purpose, nature, and scope of management accounting, cost-volume-profit analysis, and decision making.
  • Financial Management:
    Capital budgeting, working capital management, and sources of finance.


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